Silk textile made in Japan


-Corporate Philosophy-

From ancient times, people have treasured silk for its charming sheen and softness. In Japan, the silk fabric industry is not just the traditional industry with the longest history—it is a cultural institution. It is our goal to spread the traditional culture of Japan’s superior silk industry throughout the fashion world, to introduce the superb sensitivity of the Japanese themselves as it is embodied in this highest form of craftsmanship. Every day we work diligently to achieve those goals. We will never stop working to produce silk fabric that is beautiful enough to capture the hearts of men and women around the world.

-Corporate profile-

Name:Fujimoto Corporation
President:Ichihiro Fujimoto
Employees:8 (5 men, 3 women)
Business:Maker of Silk Textiles and Synthetic Fiber Textiles
Address:2-8, Ito-machi
Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0813

Founded in 1912

-Company Profile-

 Fujimoto corporation is a manufacturer of undyed silk cloth located in the city of Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture, about 200km northeast of Kyoto. Once ruled by a powerful and wealthy samurai clan, Ishikawa has been famous for its ceramics, lacquer, silks, gold appliqué and other fine arts since the 17th century. Today it is still home to many traditional industries deeply rooted in the culture of the Kyoto region.

 Founded in 1912, Fujimoto corporation specialized exclusively in the manufacture of silk kimono textiles until about 1970, whereupon it diversified into undyed cloth for Nassen (fabric stencil) print scarves and neckties. In the mid-1990s the company began making fabrics for women’s clothing, which are sent to Kyoto’s famous Nishijin textile district for patternless monochrome dyeing (muji-zome).

 All our textiles are made in Japan. Fujimoto corporation is a fabless manufacturer, meaning that we are in charge of product planning, design, quality control, and selling, while actual production is outsourced to privately owned local factories in and around Komatsu.

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