Simple , Rich , Elegant

-Our 3 Design Principles-


In order to maximize the charming attributes of silk—its sheen, softness, lightness—our concept for the fabric involves using a dobby loom to produce simple designs and plain fabrics such as twill, satin, and double cloth. Our simple, uncomplicated dyeing techniques include Nassen (fabric stencil) and patternless methods.

 The simpler a silk fabric is, the easier it is to see the quality of the material. That fact coincides nicely with the “aesthetics of subtraction” at which the Japanese excel. Our concept of “simple” is both orthodox and modern, and it is embodied in highly fashionable fabrics.


Essentially, “rich” means “abundant” or “prosperous.” Just as we refer to food with a full, mellow taste as having a “rich flavor,” our concept is to produce “rich fabrics.” In this sense, the word “rich” could be substituted with “high-quality” or “high-grade.” Using the finest raw materials, our highly-skilled artisans work in a factory with superior manufacturing equipment to produce durable fabrics with few blemishes. We closely examine our fabric designs, working to achieve our concept of fabrics that are both delicate and dense by slowly and deliberately weaving fine threads together in high density to produce fabric with both a delicate texture and a durable weave.


“Elegant” refers to sophisticated beauty, refinement, and grace. On a daily basis we devote ourselves to the pursuit of the “ultimate in elegance” as a manifestation of the superb sensitivity of the Japanese people. One of our goals as a company is to continue developing and publicizing new fabrics every season in conjunction with the biannual Paris Collection. We will never stop working to produce silk fabric that is beautiful enough to capture the hearts of men and women around the world.


Our 3 Assurances of High Quality:

1. High-quality raw materials: Superb raw silk from Brazil, combined with high-quality Chinese materials produced for the export market.

2. Most suitable equipment for the wanted result: Fly shuttle loom (no rapier looms are used)

3. Highly-skilled artisans: technical skill and expert quality control
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