Beautiful world-class silk

Known as the ‘queen of textiles’ for its elegant sheen and softness, silk has been highly valued through the ages. In Japan, the silk fabric industry, possessing unparalleled history and tradition, is a cultural phenomenon unto itself. FUJIMOTO brings the tradition of superior silk fabric to the world of international fashion, showcasing superb craftsmanship infused with the elegance and refinement, typical of the exquisite sensitivity of the Japanese.


FUJIMOTO (Fujimoto Corporation) was founded in 1913 in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

From its inception until about 1970, our company specialised in the production of kimono linings. Thereafter, we went through a period of producing white fabric for scarves and neckties, and around 2000, we began manufacturing textiles for women’s clothing.
In 2004, we had the opportunity to work with a Japanese brand being showcased at the Paris Fashion Week. Soon after, we began to deal directly with international brands in Paris, Milan and other international locations, expanding our client base worldwide. The company is held in high esteem by the top fashion brands in the world.

Today, FUJIMOTO works with about 30 Japanese companies and 10 international companies. We endeavour to continuously develop and propose fine, innovative silks, in the hopes of contributing to the creations of our client brands.

FUJIMOTO’s craftsmanship

The creation of beautiful silk fabric requires a humid climate. The long, humid winters and year-round rains brought by the sacred Mount Haku enrich our silk fabric with a vibrant feeling.

The silk thread we use as raw material is Brazilian, widely considered the best in the world. We slowly and carefully weave the thread into fabric using a traditional fly shuttle loom. The result is beautiful silk fabric, with rich quality and softness, a strong, high-density texture and excellent dyeing properties in terms of brilliance and depth.

FUJIMOTO is a fabless manufacturer handling material procurement, product development and design, quality assurance, orders and sales. The production process itself is outsourced. The processes—that is, winding, twisting, warping and weaving—are performed by factories in and around Komatsu, while the scouring and dyeing processes take place at a dyeing factory in Nishijin, Kyoto. We work with experienced and highly skilled artisans to provide superior quality craftsmanship, based on deep bonds of trust cultivated through many years.

Our stock includes over 100 basic materials, from light fabrics with 10,000 warp threads to heavier textiles with over 70,000. Combining these basic materials with various processing technologies allows us to realise a wealth of diverse expressions. Fashion is ever changing and evolving, with spring‒summer and fall‒winter seasonal collections, colour trends and more. When it comes to silk, FUJIMOTO responds with comprehensive ability, which includes development and proposal capabilities.

Creating beautiful silk is the eternal and unchanging theme at FUJIMOTO.

Corporate profile

Name Fujimoto Corporation
Founded 1912
Establishment January 2007
President Yosuke Fujimoto
Address 2-8, Ito-machi ,Komatsu,Ishikawa,923-0813 ,Japan
E-mail info@fujimotoshoten.com
URL https://www.fujimotoshoten.com
Employees 7
Business Maker of Silk Textiles